Philipp Steiner DP  
After school and military service in 2001, I got involved straight away in the Carinthian TV business. I had no clue what I wanted or where I wanted to go, but I knew it should be something to do with film. Philipp Steiner DP

So, I started at the ORF Carinthia and became a production assistant on the folk music show "Wenn die Musi spielt". The way this show was shot was very straightforward and traditional. My work included operating the camera dolly and assisting with the light setup. There, I learned a lot about lighting and the process of TV production. The years went by and in 2005, I knew what I wanted to do: camerawork.

So, I moved to Vienna and attained the SAE "Digital Film Class", doing work on the side with a Canon XL-H1 (borrowed from my father, a retired ORF cameraman ). To finance my eduction and living expenses, I filmed events and worked for the Austrian music channel "GOTV", as well as for a home shopping programme on Sat1 called "EP Home Shopping". In this period I shot about 20 music videos and did various SAE projects and short films. In 2008, I succesfully finished my education and started work as a freelance cameraman.

At my side, whenever a sound recordist is required, I have my friend the sound engineer Thomas Andreas Werginz. If you desire new furniture: he is also a gifted carpenter. My main client is Pubbles Films and I work as a cameraman on their motorshow "Go! Das Motormagazin" on Kabel1. This is why there are so many car ads in my clips section.

I also do a lot of work for Cinetop Film, and should a client require more than just a cameraman, Cinetop Film is the place to go. They can assemble a whole team and oversee the project from start to finish. Also, I am their cameraman of choice, which is nice. If you would like to contact Cinetop, please go to their website: